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Kormasah Curtis, MS, LMFT, Qualified Supervisor

As a family-systems thinker, I am honored to join you as we navigate and conquer dilemmas that impact your interactions with the world, your relationships and with yourself.

I received my Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at Valdosta State University. After graduating, I have worked with individuals, couples and families in the midst of all types of difficulties— imprisonment, DCF involvement, addiction, trauma, severe mental illness, military life, infidelity and grief to name a few. 

I created Arise Wellness because throughout this journey, I discovered that I have an unwavering passion for working with those who feel misunderstood, overlooked, abandoned and disempowered. As one who has my own hard stories to tell, I understand that ALL persons have the undeniable right to not just survive but to live life abundantly.

I am proud to be born and raised in Baltimore, MD but consider myself an adopted Floridian. I am a hardcore Steelers fan. I am a self-proclaimed movie and music buff. I enjoy living and learning life with my family.